Inspirations Of A Poet

For a poet principles of thought are never enough.
What a poet needs more than anything else is inspiration.
I can,
Without any difficulty,
Produce forth a never ending list of the things which inspire me.
The list goes:

• the sky and its ever changing colours
• women in panels to talk about “Art” or “Science” instead of “Women in Art” or “Women in Science”
• a cup of tea after a long, tiring day
• the sight of a cat or a dog staring back at me lovingly
• the stack of books I have collected over the years
• the moon continuing loyally its phases for the past 4.5 billion years
• a warm bed and soft socks on a cold morning
• the trust with which people confide in me their deepest secrets
• picking up bits of poetry from a conversation while passing a group of people on a street or elsewhere
• men who talk about feminism
• the sound of rain on leaves of trees
• the strength with which people express their love and desire for another person
• the ability to choose the right and not the easy
• a melodious voice singing the ghazals of Faiz
• the courage to stand for truth
• talking about love and despair
• the arrival of autumn
• the smell of soap
• children with parents from different cultural, ethnic, linguistic or religious backgrounds
• a clean kitchen
• the belief that God might just as well exist
• several thousand other things that I do not remember

painting by Chin H Shin


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