When I saw you

Before I fell in love with you, I had seen you so many times. Probably millions of times for so many years, or months or days. But it was that one time that I realised I had actually never seen you. I had seen you only with naked eyes, like I saw everyone else around me. But then one day I saw you differently and everything changed. One day I saw your soul, your dreams, your desires, your strength, your weaknesses, your virtues, and your flaws, your successes, and your failures. I saw what scared you and I saw what gave you hope. I saw everything abstract in you, everything that was hidden from the world, and I loved everything that I saw. I loved the way I could see through your eyes, right into your life. It was that one day that I fell in love with you, the day I saw you differently.

Illustration by Koren Shadmi


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