The courage to love you

In a weak moment I would have not fallen in love with you. I would have avoided it, dismissed all the possibilities that something like love even existed; I would have called it a dreamer’s dream and laughed it off. But I think it was a brave moment when I fell in love with you. One of my bravest moments. For you know it takes courage to fall in love, to trust someone even more than you trust yourself, to bare your soul to someone. It takes a lot of courage to decide to spend your life with someone, to be sure; without doubt that he is the one, the right one for you. You have no proof, no reason- except for love, to believe that your decision is right. You know that your decision might turn out to be wrong- yes, somewhere deep down you know it, no matter how much you pretend not to care. You also know that if it does, you will have no one else to turn to, for everyone will just say it was your choice. But you still make that choice, you still fall in love. That’s courage, pure courage. People who say that love is disgraceful are cowards. They are scared to fall in love, to give themselves away to the most beautiful experience in life. They are afraid to let their blood flow for someone else, their heart beat for someone else, and their soul feel for someone else. They are selfish, for love is selfless, very selfless. But more than anything else they are cowards, big cowards.


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