Of Love and Illusions

Long after light is dead for the day and hope seems asleep, amidst dark nights when all world’s philosophies become absurd and vague and life gets too heavy to bear, love seems just an illusion. But that is when the sun will rise, in only a few hours. painting by Scott Listfield Advertisements

When I saw you

Before I fell in love with you, I had seen you so many times. Probably millions of times for so many years, or months or days. But it was that one time that I realised I had actually never seen you. I had seen you only with naked eyes, like I saw everyone else around […]


You are a little bit of everything I ever wanted in my life. Everything I ever dreamt of. Everything I needed, everything I aspired. And every time I see you, I fall in love- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But I do. And I want to keep falling in love with you everyday, every […]


I knew you were waiting for me, somewhere. You dreamt of me and you wondered if I even existed. But you see, I did, I do, and I want you to know that I was waiting for you too. I dreamt of you too. But I did not wonder. I knew you existed, somewhere. I […]

The courage to love you

In a weak moment I would have not fallen in love with you. I would have avoided it, dismissed all the possibilities that something like love even existed; I would have called it a dreamer’s dream and laughed it off. But I think it was a brave moment when I fell in love with you. […]